Solar Air Conditioning

FINALLY RELEASED Airconditioning Powered by the Sun. Say goodbye to high electricity bills forever!

Solar air conditioning, basic system components

Our Solar air conditioning systems are hybrid units which use the heat of the sun to reduce the energy needed to drive the cooling process of a conditioning system. This in turn, reduces the energy needed to run the compressor.

The only difference you'll see on your house is the Thermal Collector which looks a bit like a solar panel. The Thermal Collector super heats and pressurises the gases working in place of the compressor at every opportunity, so electrically powered compression is only needed for 2 minutes out of 10, compared to a conventional system where it runs on average 8 minutes out of 10.

Simply put the compressor will not need operate as often. It is simple, but extremely effective!

A qualified solar air conditioning installer

When you buy a solar air conditioning system from Aircon Direct, it will be installed by experts.

Our installation team have been carefully selected, all members have 10 years experience in the installation of ducted and split air conditioner systems. Also every installer has attended an additional 4 day training course on the installation of solar air conditioning.

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Say goodbye to costly electricity bills. Say a big to harmful refrigerant. Here's to an eco-friendly air conditioning way that is powered by the sun!

Solar air conditioner is used by a lot of homeowners from all over the globe. This type of air conditioning is admired by those who loves to “go green.” It is a convenient way of obtaining comfort without having to pay much on electricity bills. A solar air conditioner can compete the excellent comfort that a ducted air conditioner or split system air conditioning unit can give, and surprisingly, it can do more! Do not be worry that your unit will not work during those times when king sun is hiding.

The only difference between conventional ACs and solar power air conditioning units is that, on solar ACs, you'll see on your house a Thermal collector which look similar to a solar panel. It is where the energy is collected and gathered to the system.

AirconDirect's solar air conditioning systems are hybrid units which utilizes the heat of the sun to reduce the power needed for your AC to operate at its best. Note that the air conditioning unit will not be completely ran by solar power, yet it is majorly the solar energy that operates the AC, thus, saving you from paying much on power consumption. You’ll still need a little electricity to operate the system.

When you buy your AC from AirconDirect, it will be installed by an expert. Our team have qualified installers who have been working in the industry for 10 years, installing different types of air conditioning units. Also, all of our installers have attended an additional four day training course which specifically targets about solar air conditioning installation.